Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common TravelAssist questions.


Though we’re not here to plan your trip, we help plan for the unexpected. When medical emergencies like illness or injury occur during travel, TravelAssist gets to work getting you the help you need and covering the associated costs. TravelAssist is ready to step in at any time to locate the appropriate medical care, coordinate transportation solutions, and help RV owners get their rig home.

Travel insurance will typically pay for losses that occur while traveling—like trip cancellation or lost baggage. TravelAssist covers emergency medical repatriation and transportation expenses most health insurance plans don't pay.

Once enrolled, you will receive a Welcome Kit with your official TravelAssist identification card and a Plan Description explaining all the services available, including any terms, conditions, and limitations. Keep your I.D. card on your person. It lists the toll-free hotline number. You may want to store the number in your cell phone so it's ready at the push of a button should you need it. If you have an emergency, call 9-1-1 first, and then call the TravelAssist toll-free number. We'll take it from there, and you’ll start to see TravelAssist benefits in action.

Anyone who travels can use TravelAssist—RV or not.

TravelAssist provides over 20 different types of valuable and affordable medical emergency and travel assistance services, including medical evacuation, emergency travel services, and return-home services. We also offer pre-trip details on foreign travel restrictions and document and inoculation requirements as well as translation services.

TravelAssist isn’t medical insurance. It's a plan that covers emergency expenses that most health insurance plans never pay. If they do include it, usually there are numerous restrictions.


TravelAsisst offers programs based on what customers need. Select yours as an individual, couple, family, family with pets, and choose between basic or premium coverages.

Enrolled in the family plan, members may enroll family classified as dependents, including spouse (to include legally recognized domestic partner) unless they are legally separated; unmarried children from birth and under age 19 or under age 23 if enrolled as a full- time student in an accredited college, university, vocational, or technical school; children whose support is required by a court decree; natural children, stepchildren, and legally adopted children; family coverage includes any legal dependents of the member at the time of service.


Absolutely—under our family coverage plan, any family requiring medical evacuation will be covered. See the specifics in the family plan details.

This is determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on the location and the patient's sspecific condition and medical needs. Members will only be moved to another hospital when care at the first hospital is not appropriate or when the patient is stable enough for transportation home in an Economy Class seat. TravelAssist's medical team will make this determination after reviewing medical reports and possible consultation with the treating physician.

The services included with your TravelAssist plan travel with you, no matter where you go. TravelAssist is ideal for international travel when you’re less familiar with the medical care systems in other countries. TravelAssist will coordinate translators, medical specialists, dentists, attorneys—whoever is needed to provide solutions in times of emergency.

Note: TravelAssist does not provide coverage for all international medical expenses you may accrue. Consult your local travel agent concerning international medical coverage if you are planning to travel outside the country.

TravelAssist can provide the latest details on the weather at your destination, consular services, inoculations, visas, and travel advisories.

Regardless of your health background, you are guaranteed enrollment by TravelAssist. Please review the Plan Description for details about traveling against the advice of a physician.

TravelAssist will coordinate the return of your automobile, motorcycle, noncommercial truck, boat, or RV to your home or place of the rental within 90 days of the emergency. If the vehicle is an RV, TravelAssist will also coordinate the return of an additional vehicle if it was hitched to Your RV. If the vehicle is a hitched boat, TravelAssist will return the towing vehicle as well as the boat.