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Explore the safety-net of coverage TravelAssist provides you and your loved ones while traveling.

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How it works

In the event of a medical emergency, TravelAssist

  • Coordinates transportation to get the appropriate care you need.

  • Provides trip adjustments and cash advance assistance.

  • Monitors condition and developments with medical staff.

  • Provides the return trip home.

  • Arranges travel to a hospital near home if medically necessary.

  • Delivers your RV/vehicle to your home.

  • Coordinates a family member to come to your location if traveling alone.1

And when your family needs it most, TravelAssist

  • Arranges for your spouse/traveling companion to be by your side.2

  • Returns your spouse, children, and pets home safely.

  • Provides updates to family and friends you choose.

  • Coordinates translation services, medical referrals.

  • Coordinates transfer of medical records and insurance information.

  • Returns home remains of the deceased.

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Standard packages


$45 / per yr Reg. $89.993

Covers you in the event of a medical emergency or illness while traveling.

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$50 / per yr Reg. $99.993

Covers you and your spouse or partner.

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$55 / per yr Reg. $109.993

Covers you, your spouse or partner, and your dependent children.

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Premier package

Family + Pets

$90 / per yr Reg. $179.993

Covers you, your spouse, your dependent children, your extended family, and pets traveling with you.

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Extended family means parents, grandparents, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, and more.

This is the best coverage option and includes additional benefits not seen elsewhere.

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Medical Benefits

Medical transportation

Emergency medical evacuation

Covers you, your spouse, your dependent children, your extended family, and pets traveling with you. 4

Transportation home after stabilization

Recover near friends and family. Once your condition is stabilized, TravelAssist arranges and pays for your return home or to a nearby medical facility.

Ground ambulance aid

Even basic ambulance transportation can be costly. TravelAssist reimburses you up to $200 if an emergency requires ambulance service.


Medical support

Emergency medical monitoring

TravelAssist locates and transfers your medical records, contacts family, and organizes transportation so you can focus on recovery.

Medical referrals

We identify nearby doctors, dentists, emergency rooms, and even attorneys if needed, providing you with the best-qualified experts.

Dispatch of a medical specialist

If unable to assist by phone and your condition requires, we will dispatch a doctor or medical specialist to come to you.

Family Benefits

Your traveling companion returned home

When you’re being moved due to medical evacuation, TravelAssist provides return transport for your companion. When possible your companion travels with you; otherwise, we arrange economy-class transportation at no cost.

Dependent children returned home

In case of an emergency away from home, TravelAssist will pay for the safe return home for minors on your trip, via a reliable carrier in economy-class. If too young to travel alone, we also arrange for an adult to accompany them.

Transportation to join a hospitalized member

Feel better with family by your side. TravelAssist arranges for a family member or friend to join you when your condition keeps you hospitalized away from home for seven days or longer. We also pay for their return upon your recovery.

24/7 emergency message relay

In an emergency situation, alerting friends, family, and even your hometown doctor isn’t always easy. TravelAssist offers a toll-free, 24-hour message relay service to keep everyone informed.

Return of deceased remains

Caring for your family includes preparation for the worst-case scenario. TravelAssist manages and pays the cost of returning your remains home from anywhere in the world.

Travel Benefits

RV & vehicle return

If an injury or illness prevents you from driving, TravelAssist arranges and pays for a professional driver to return your vehicle home safely, no matter the distance. We can also pay to fly a friend or family member out to drive it home.

RV Storage coverage

RV Storage Fees Limit USD 5,000 (limited to 20 days in total) following a Medical Evacuation. Includes following Transportation after Stabilization. Any and ALL arrangements must be coordinated by Travel Assist. This benefit will not apply if the member chooses to arrange the return of the vehicle on their own or decide to leave the RV/Vehicle in the location.

RV Storage Services While You Wait for RV/Vehicle Return

Following an EMERGENCY MEDICAL EVACUATION, TRANSPORTATION AFTER STABILIZATION or a RETURN OF DECEASED REMAINS, and YOU are awaiting for the RV/Vehicle Return service to be coordinated by TravelAssist by means of a professional driver or by a family member or friend after you have returned home, WE will provide costs for the storage of your RV/Vehicle for up to $5000, limited up to 20 days in total, while you wait. Any and all arrangements must be coordinated by Travel Assist at the time of service. This benefit will not apply if the member chooses to arrange the return of the vehicle on their own or decide to leave the RV/Vehicle in the location.

Prescription replacement assistance

Whether forgotten, lost, or stolen, TravelAssist coordinates the replacement of prescriptions, eyeglasses, contact lenses, or medical devices.5

Lost items assistance

TravelAssist can help in locating or replacing passports, visas, and luggage through our worldwide network of travel resources.5

Emergency cash transfers and medical payments

When faced with unexpected expenses, TravelAssist provides unlimited cash advances to cover emergency medical payments. All advancements will be placed against a valid credit card provided by the member at the time of request.

Language interpretation

Don’t let language barriers get in the way of proper medical treatment. Our multi-lingual team facilitates timely and accurate communication between you and the medical team.

Pre-trip assistance

TravelAssist makes planning easier by providing accurate information on passport and visa requirements, consulate and embassy locations, climate and weather conditions, and vaccination requirements.

Personal security

Whether traveling domestically or internationally, TravelAssist provides the latest alerts and advisories and even arranges emergency evacuation whenever it’s needed.5

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Pet benefits

With our Premier membership, we can help with:

Pet boarding

We will coordinate and pay for your pet to be boarded while you’re hospitalized. That means we will make reservations, pick up your pet from their current location, and safely deliver them to the boarding facility.6

Return your pet home

Should you require transportation home, we will coordinate and pay for your pet to be returned home or to a boarding facility near your home at your request. Again, we make all the arrangements and handle everything.6

Pet concierge assistance benefits

We can provide you with referrals and assistance in locating pet-related services wherever you may be traveling, including veterinarians, groomers, pet-friendly hotels and resorts, and other pet-related services.