Pets Travel Assist

Emergency travel assistance plans for pets

Jan 12, 2022

Tucker Ballister
Finding trustworthy pet services is one of the most challenging parts of traveling with furry companions.
By Tucker Ballister

Travel insurance can help protect you against the unknown when adventuring far from home. But what protects your pets? Few regular travel insurance plans offer pet coverage. But that’s where Good Sam TravelAssist is different.

What is travel assistance for pets?

Typical emergency medical assistance aids travelers if and when they experience a medical emergency while traveling. But Good Sam TravelAssist is different: in addition to assisting travelers, it also provides care and protection for your pets when you are unable due to an emergency.

If you are hospitalized, need to be transported to a new medical facility for stabilization, or experience other no-option scenarios, your pets will still be cared for.

Some forms of assistance include temporary boarding, the return of your pet to your primary residence or a nearby boarding facility, and locating non-emergency pet-related services in new geographical areas.

So how is Good Sam different?

The Good Sam Premier TravelAssist plan includes pet assistance services and represents the best coverage you can get for your family and your pets. Here are the primary forms of assistance that Good Sam TravelAssist provides for your pets:

Emergency pet housing and/or pet return

Suppose you experience a medical emergency that leaves you hospitalized and unable to care your pet for three or more days. In that case, Good Sam’s Premier TravelAssist plan will pay for your pet’s boarding. The coverage allows for boarding services that cost up to $60 per day, up to a maximum of $600 in total.

This coverage also includes protection in the event of emergency medical evacuation, death, or transportation to a new medical facility after stabilization. If you encounter these events while traveling, your Premier plan will arrange and pay for the return of your pet to your primary permanent residence or a pet boarding facility nearby. The maximum payable amount for pet return under this policy is $1,200.

Pet travel assistance services

Finding trustworthy pet services is one of the most challenging parts of traveling with furry companions. With Good Sam’s Premier TravelAssist plan, you’ll have access to referrals to the best pet-related service providers in your region.

This service is also helpful when you’re planning RV adventures. Call up the Good Sam TravelAssist team to find veterinarians, groomers, pet-friendly hotels and resorts, and a host of other pet care providers whenever you need them.

Good Sam Premier TravelAssist

The premier plan provides the most comprehensive coverage for you, your family, and your pets while you’re traveling. It provides a great supplement to regular travel insurance, which often won’t cover the costs of added logistics and transportation associated with medical emergencies.

Review all the emergency assistance benefits Good Sam TravelAssist offers and see how TravelAssist compares to other kinds of travel medical coverage today.

1Benefits described are intended as an overview, please refer to your Plan Description for details on coverage and benefits. TravelAssist does not provide coverage for medical expense, and does not take the place of medical or travel insurance. If you are planning to travel outside the U.S., contact a trusted travel advisor to learn more about acquiring travel insurance prior to your next trip.