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TravelAssist for Retirees

Jan 12, 2022

Carl Corder
What’s better than protection that travels with you? TravelAssist adds the extra safety net you need to continue to travel long into your late adulthood.
By Carl Corder

Travelers in their later years are some of the best prepared when it comes to creating fun, relaxing, and well-thought-out RV trips. And they know the value of adding protection to their trip to ensure they protect themselves from the unexpected. Good Sam TravelAssist is a perfect option for retired travelers who want an added level of assurance they will arrive home safely.

What is TravelAssist?1

Medical emergencies still occur when traveling, and navigating those experiences can be difficult. In the event of an emergency, you might not have access to the medical care you need and could require transportation to a different hospital. Or your medical records need to be transferred. Plus, there’s still your RV that needs to be returned home.

More details are involved than just getting you or your family member to a medical facility. It adds up. TravelAssist coordinates the medical attention and return services you need while reducing some of the associated costs not covered by medical insurance.

While health insurance will cover the care you receive at a hospital, it won’t cover or coordinate the transportation, travel details, and return services to get you to the appropriate facility or back home. That’s when it pays to have Good Sam TravelAssist. Choose from multiple programs built for individuals, couples, or families.

When do I use TravelAssist?

TravelAssist only becomes a player in your travel plans when unexpected problems occur. In a perfect trip scenario, you never have to consider the need for medical aid or assistance. But during those unexpected moments, you’ll be thankful you’re protected.

When emergency evacuation is required

Depending on where you travel, the nearest hospital might not have the equipment, experts, or ability to address the issues or provide the care you need. In these cases, you could be sent to a hospital that can. But the transportation costs are steep. TravelAssist gets you the appropriate care you need and can potentially save you thousands.

When an emergency strands your rig

If you require emergency transportation to a second medical facility, your rig could be left in the lurch. Or a doctor’s orders could prevent you from driving, even after you’ve recovered. In these cases, Good Sam TravelAssist begins the process of returning your rig home for you—free of charge. Whether you prefer to fly a friend in to drive your rig back, or you choose a TravelAssist driver to help, your rig gets home without you.

When traveling internationally

Late adulthood provides many of us the opportunity to travel abroad again–or for the first time. Unfortunately, many won’t attempt such a trip because it distances them too far from their home doctor. Or they worry about medical care in a different country. TravelAssist not only coordinates the best care, but they go above and beyond to get you what you need, including:

  • Repatriation services
  • Translators, lawyers, specialty doctors
  • Transfer of documents or medical records
  • Assistance replacing or updating passports or travel documents.

When a death occurs during travel

Unfortunately, the worst situations can occur when traveling. And you need the best care possible should anything happen to you, your spouse, or your family. A lot of logistics are required after a death while traveling. TravelAssist handles the red tape, paperwork, and necessary planning required. 

Why TravelAssist for the retirees?

With more free time on their hands, RVing provides retirees with the flexibility to explore new places, come and go as they please, and make the most of a good place when they find it. What’s better than protection that travels with you? TravelAssist adds the extra safety net you need to continue to travel long into your late adulthood. Learn more today and find the plan that’s right for you.

1Benefits described are intended as an overview, please refer to your Plan Description for details on coverage and benefits. TravelAssist does not provide coverage for medical expense, and does not take the place of medical or travel insurance. If you are planning to travel outside the U.S., contact a trusted travel advisor to learn more about acquiring travel insurance prior to your next trip.