Types of Coverage Travel Insurance

What Is travel medical insurance?

Jan 12, 2022

Tuker Ballister
While traveling, the last thing you need is to realize the insurance you’re paying for doesn’t offer sufficient coverage.
By Tuker Ballister

Embracing the unexpected is a big part of enjoying your travel experiences. But it’s much easier to do if the unexpected doesn’t come with unmanageable medical costs.

That’s where Good Sam TravelAssist comes in. But do you need it if you already have travel medical insurance?

What Is travel medical insurance?

Travel medical insurance takes care of emergency medical expenses you incur while away from your regular network of healthcare providers. Most plans reimburse you for reasonable charges up to the plan limit.

Some examples of these charges include:

  • Hospital and operating room charges
  • Transportation by ambulance or emergency response vehicle
  • Lab tests, treatments, X-rays, examinations, and anesthetics
  • Doctor fees
  • Drugs and medicines
  • Dental charges (only with some plans and only up to certain limits)

Generally, the two types of travel medical insurance plans available are stand-alone plans and plans included in comprehensive travel insurance.

Stand-alone travel medical insurance covers only medical and dental expenses. It doesn’t include things like baggage coverage or trip cancellation.

Comprehensive travel insurance plans provide broader coverage for a host of potential travel-related issues. In addition to medical and dental coverage, these often include emergency evacuation, trip delay and cancellation coverage, and baggage loss.

What doesn’t travel medical insurance cover?

While traveling, the last thing you need is to realize the insurance you’re paying for doesn’t offer sufficient coverage. Here are a few things that most travel medical insurance policies don’t help with:

  • Non-emergency or elective surgeries or procedures
  • Experimental medical treatments from out-of-network providers
  • Costs of transferring to new medical facilities
  • Transportation of personal belongings and/or travel vehicles back to your home
  • Transfers of medical information to your primary healthcare providers
  • Replacement of lost or stolen travel documentation

Good Sam TravelAssist plans bridge the gap in these scenarios, offering protections against costs for services that medical travel insurance simply doesn’t provide. 

How is Good Sam TravelAssist different?1

Good Sam TravelAssist solves the problems standard travel medical insurance doesn’t. It provides a host of resources to help you plan for the worst so you can enjoy the best when traveling domestically and internationally.

You can fully compare the significant differences between TravelAssist and regular travel medical insurance here, but examples include:

  • Replacing or reimbursing you for lost or stolen items
  • Finding secure emergency transportation away from natural disaster areas
  • Getting your RV or travel vehicles returned home
  • Costs of care for dependents, family members, and pets
  • Keeping your family updated on your medical status and progress
  • Transporting medical information to foreign hospitals and navigating unfamiliar medical systems
  • Replacing passports, visas, birth certificates, and other essential travel documents

The benefits don’t end there either. So why get Good Sam TravelAssist? To cover everything that your regular travel medical insurance does not!

To learn more about Good Sam TravelAssist, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page today!

1Benefits described are intended as an overview, please refer to your Plan Description for details on coverage and benefits. TravelAssist does not provide coverage for medical expense, and does not take the place of medical or travel insurance. If you are planning to travel outside the U.S., contact a trusted travel advisor to learn more about acquiring travel insurance prior to your next trip.